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How Can a Business Law Attorney Help a Small Business?

Most small businesses gloss over hiring a business law attorney due to other matters such as operations, advertising, and marketing, which seem more pressing. But do you know business lawyers play essential parts in building your business and contributing to its success?

How Can a Business Law Attorney Help a Small Business?

Business Formation.

Most legal matters such as limiting personal liability are handled at the beginning of the business. A business law attorney can help new business owners incorporate the formation process. This is to ensure the business starts on a firm legal footing.

Intellectual Property.

Before a business is launched, it should take steps to ensure intellectual property such as brand name, logo, business names, devices, architectural blueprints, computer software, and creations, if applicable, are protected by copyright. A business law attorney can help acquire the necessary patent, copyright, and trademark registrations to cover these aspects.

Privacy Policies.

Business lawyers can help small businesses protect their clients, patients, or customers' information. This can include email addresses and other innocuous connections.

Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Once the business begins operating, owners may subscribe to agreements with other parties. To ensure the protection of their trade secrets and ideas in such collaborations, they need a business lawyer to draft non-disclosure agreements.

Employment Agreements.

Business attorneys help small business owners draft employment agreements such as non-compete, non-disclosure, and employment contract durations.


Small businesses rely a lot on their reputation. Sometimes a competitor can make a hailing remark on the business's advertisement website. In this case, a business lawyer can obtain a court order to force the culprit to pull down such defamatory posts.

Exit Strategies.

When the major shareholder or a business partner decides to exit from the business, a business lawyer can help develop policies that allow the business to close. The lawyer could also help in developing policies that will enable other partners or the remaining members to buy more shares and keep the business running.

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