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How Can a Civil Litigation Attorney Help You? All You Need to Know

There are many different spheres in law. A typical legal system constitutes the criminal justice as well as civil litigation systems. Basically, this means that court proceedings constitute criminal proceedings and handle civil matters. That said, criminal and civil proceedings are distinct. As such, they are handled by different attorneys who specialize in specific areas. In this regard, understanding the basics of civil litigation as well as a civil litigation attorney's purpose is imperative. Essentially, this helps you navigate the legal system efficiently and, at the same time, avoid the conflicting as well as complex procedures involved. Here's a brief elucidation of what you need to know about civil litigation as well as the duties of a civil litigation attorney.

What is Civil Litigation?

Put simply, civil litigation is a term that denotes a legal dispute between two or more parties who are seeking monetary compensation or specific performance and does not entail any criminal accusations or sanctions.

What Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

Generally speaking, a civil litigation attorney is a skilled person who handles civil litigation cases. However, legally speaking, they are trial lawyers or litigators who represent either a plaintiff or a defendant involved in a civil dispute.

Contrary to a criminal defense attorney where the defendant is up against the prosecution, the trial lawyer represents either party to a dispute in civil litigation. What's more, the dispute is decided on a balance of probability.

What Areas Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Handle?

Civil litigation law is also very broad. As such, most civil litigation attorneys have specific areas in which they specialize rather than attempt to handle all the areas. Some of these areas include:

● Product liability

● Personal Injury

● Workers compensation

● Divorce

● Construction liability

● Medical malpractice

● Real estate disputes

How Can a Civil Litigation Attorney Help?

When handling a civil dispute, a civil litigation attorney sets out to ensure that their client receives a favorable outcome in the legal dispute. To achieve this, the attorney:

● Interviews clients

● Files paperwork on behalf of the client

● Safeguards the rights of the client

● Conducts depositions

● Drafts motions

● Determine the best strategy for each case.

Need Help? Contact an Attorney

The law can sometimes be complex. As such, it may be challenging to understand the procedural and substantive law involved. For this reason, it is imperative to contact an attorney who will help shed more light on your case.

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