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What Is the Purpose of Law and Motion in Civil Litigation?

If you're watching a courtroom drama on TV, chances are you're seeing a criminal case. Civil litigation is less dramatic than criminal litigation, yet it is just as vital. When two individuals are involved in a legal disagreement that doesn't involve any criminal offense, it is referred to as civil litigation. Such cases are taken to court for trial, and this gives the judge a chance to decide on the outcome. Here is a closer look at the purpose of law and motion in civil litigation.

What Is a Motion?

You may want the court to agree to something outside of the typical litigation procedure when you are involved in a case. A motion is a request to the court for a desired judgment or order. Depending on the regulations, a motion can either be written or verbally presented. During a lawsuit, different motions can be brought forth at any time. However, this can only happen after filing the initial complaint.

The Purpose of Law and Motion in Civil Litigation

Law and motion are critical in civil litigation. Law and motion serve the following purposes:

● The law and motion in civil litigation can be used to discover. One party may seek information from the adverse party through the motion to discover.

● Law and motion can also be used to dismiss the lawsuit because it lacks a legally sound basis. Even if all of the allegations asserted are proven accurate.

● Through the motion of summary judgment, you can ask the court for a decision on the merit of the case. This is possible when there is no disagreement about the facts and simply a legal question to be resolved.

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