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Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Property transfer transactions can be a complex affair and a significant investment. A real estate attorney comes in handy to help you navigate the murky transactions and other procedures in transferring property.

Real estate lawyers are experienced in matters related to dispute resolution, transactions, and property. Here are several reasons you should hire a real estate lawyer for your next transaction.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Preparing Legal Documents and Custom Contracts

Real estate attorneys are professionals of the law and will protect your interests by preparing custom documents regarding a specific situation. Such documents include the Agreement of Sale, closing documentation, Agreement of Purchase, as well as the title.

Legal Transfer of Property

The real estate lawyer will accompany you during the closing. This is when the transaction happens, including the transfer of title and payment. Their role is to ensure the transfer is binding, legal, as well as serves your interests.

The attorney will also handle all the real estate complications and identify issues that may become problematic in the future. The legal counsel offers peace of mind and protects your investment.


You can't compare the cost of hiring a real estate attorney with the financial implications of the transaction going wrong down the line. The lawyer will review all documentation and ask relevant questions about the transfer. When handling a real estate transaction, the input of an experienced attorney is priceless.

Handling Real Estate Disputes

If you're buying or selling a property without the help of a real estate lawyer, contractual issues may arise. The disputes can be due to many issues such as breach of contract, insurance, fraud, title, as well as boundary matters.

In such instances, you need an excellent real estate attorney to offer legal representation in court. You can also engage other stakeholders such as surveyors to provide the needed details.

A real estate attorney will protect your legal and financial interests when buying or selling property. If you're intending to buy or sell a property in California, the Law Office of Andre Clark can help. We have competent real estate attorneys to guide you throughout the journey. Contact us for a free consultation


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