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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

The sale or purchase of a property is an important transaction with varying interests and rules. Besides hiring a real estate agent, consider having a real estate attorney to take you through the legal process. Real estate attorneys handle legal real estate matters, such as transfer of ownership, preparation of legal documents, and real estate conflict management.

Real Estate Attorneys Prepare Legal Documents

These attorneys protect their clients' interests by preparing specific documents for their real estate situation. They tailor agreements to clients' needs rather than rely on standard contracts. The real estate attorney can prepare the Agreement of Sale, the Agreement of Purchase, title, and closing papers.

Advise Clients Against Bad Deals

Real estate attorneys ensure home sellers and buyers agree to legitimate real estate deals. They do the necessary due diligence by researching the property's history, inspecting its title and title insurance. They also check its zoning and establish existing unpaid utility bills or property taxes.

Handle Closings

Real estate attorneys review the closing documents to ensure the paperwork is in order. The lawyers also verify all issues are resolved before completing the transaction. They use their understanding of real estate law to save clients' time and money in the closing process and ensure the deal is legal without any potential issues.

Manage Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes may arise from various issues, such as breach of contract, boundary matters, fraud, title, or insurance. The real estate attorney represents your interests in court or negotiations and guides you through your options when such problems emerge.

A real estate lawyer can protect your legal and financial interests when selling or buying a house. Whether you are the seller or buyer of a property, the Law Office of Andre Clark can help you. We are a professional law firm with years of experience offering affordable and reliable real estate counsel to businesses and individuals in California. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

If you want to sell a co-owned property with another individual, both of you must agree for the sale to go on. Several factors can cause this situation, such as divorce or termination of a business agreement.

Here are a few options you can consider if you can't agree to sell the entire property.

Options to Consider in Selling a Co-Owned Property

Request Your Partner to Buy You Out

One of the best options is to sell your shares to your partner. It's because the co-owner who wasn't ready to sell the property can keep it. Remember, this route is possible if your partner can take up your share. For instance, if you have acquired the property through a mortgage, the co-owner has to take up the responsibility of servicing the loan.

Force a Sale

If you've got a convincing reason for selling the co-owned property, you can apply for a partition action from the court. Sometimes, it's easy to split the property, as with undeveloped land. The court can divide the land between the two of you and you're free to sell your portion. If the court can't impose a partition action on the property, such as subdividing a house, it can force the other party to sell the property and share the sale proceeds.

Sell Your Share to a Non-Owner

If you can't agree to sell the co-owned property, you can sell your share to a non-owner. However, this option is only viable if your co-owner is willing to share the property with the new co-owner. Also, some strangers dislike co-owning properties with people they don't know. Confirm if it's legal in your state to sell co-owned shares, as some prohibit this practice.

Are you planning to sell a co-owned property in California, but your partner is unwilling? The Law Office of Andre Clark is here to help. We are a professional law firm with experienced real estate attorneys ready to handle your matter. Call (888) 682-2529 for a free consultation.

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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Property transfer transactions can be a complex affair and a significant investment. A real estate attorney comes in handy to help you navigate the murky transactions and other procedures in transferring property.

Real estate lawyers are experienced in matters related to dispute resolution, transactions, and property. Here are several reasons you should hire a real estate lawyer for your next transaction.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Preparing Legal Documents and Custom Contracts

Real estate attorneys are professionals of the law and will protect your interests by preparing custom documents regarding a specific situation. Such documents include the Agreement of Sale, closing documentation, Agreement of Purchase, as well as the title.

Legal Transfer of Property

The real estate lawyer will accompany you during the closing. This is when the transaction happens, including the transfer of title and payment. Their role is to ensure the transfer is binding, legal, as well as serves your interests.

The attorney will also handle all the real estate complications and identify issues that may become problematic in the future. The legal counsel offers peace of mind and protects your investment.


You can't compare the cost of hiring a real estate attorney with the financial implications of the transaction going wrong down the line. The lawyer will review all documentation and ask relevant questions about the transfer. When handling a real estate transaction, the input of an experienced attorney is priceless.

Handling Real Estate Disputes

If you're buying or selling a property without the help of a real estate lawyer, contractual issues may arise. The disputes can be due to many issues such as breach of contract, insurance, fraud, title, as well as boundary matters.

In such instances, you need an excellent real estate attorney to offer legal representation in court. You can also engage other stakeholders such as surveyors to provide the needed details.

A real estate attorney will protect your legal and financial interests when buying or selling property. If you're intending to buy or sell a property in California, the Law Office of Andre Clark can help. We have competent real estate attorneys to guide you throughout the journey. Contact us for a free consultation

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