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A probate attorney is a state-licensed lawyer who offers legal counsel and assistance to the executor or personal representative of an estate throughout the probate process. Their services typically include everything from inventorying and finding estate assets, to paying and understanding all debts the estate may have, settling the estate, and more.

The probate process is a process that a person's will, belongings, as well as assets, go through after they've passed on. It is also a complicated court process that can take months or even years to complete. This is where a probate attorney comes in handy. Read on to find out how a probate lawyer can help you.

How Does a Probate Attorney Help You?

Probate attorneys use their extensive and professional knowledge. They can accomplish many things to settle an estate and help the executor as well as the beneficiaries, including:

Drafting a Will

Handcrafted writing options are readily available on the market. However, there could be consequences if you get it wrong. Poorly drafted wills can also cause conflicts and stress for your heirs. A probate lawyer can avoid all this. The lawyer can draft a professional will that gets accepted by the court without any prejudice.

Speed Up the Probate Process

As mentioned above, the probate process can be complicated. Depending on the details presented by the will, it may not even run smoothly. A probate lawyer will assist an untrained executor to negotiate the entire legal process as well as resolve the many legal and financial issues that may arise.

Save Time

Hiring a probate lawyer will save you, as the executor, much of your time throughout the whole process. This is from liquidating and gathering the estate's assets to accounting and arranging your forms in the correct manner.

Minimizing Stress on the Family

A probate lawyer will help you in the court process and in solving your family's disputes about the estate. Additionally, your lawyer will handle the conflicts in a professional manner and help family members to understand the verdicts in a lawful way. The lawyer serving as a third party also allows the executor to also spend more time and energy on his or her family.

A probate attorney can make life easier after death. And at the Law Office of Andre Clark, we will help you through this by offering Estate Planning to help you plan your estate as well as achieve your goals. Contact us today for more information.

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4 Ways a Tax Attorney Can Help You With Your Tax Problems

There are various instances where a tax attorney can help you with your tax issues, including:

You're undergoing an IRS Tax Audit

IRS tax audits can be stressful and pretty scary. It can also be challenging to deal with a government agency by yourself. Hiring a tax attorney can make the entire process easy because they will communicate on your behalf. They will clear up any confusion or potential issues right away. Additionally, they will handle complex disagreements with the federal agency or state and negotiate a settlement.

You're facing severe tax penalties

An experienced attorney will make sure to mention every angle in your case. He will ensure you receive a good possible outcome based on your penalty. The tax attorney will also assess if you qualify for an IRS installment plan that allows you to clear your debt over time. In some instances, they can even get some of your penalties and fines waived through dialogue.

You need help with estate planning

A tax lawyer can help you devise estate planning strategies and handle all the paperwork involved in transferring assets to relatives, minimizing estate taxes, setting up trusts, and other tactics. They are well versed in estate planning and will make the succession setup process less painful to the family.

You're starting up a business

Are you setting up a new business? A tax lawyer can educate you on the tax implications and issues regarding the taxation of various business entities and tax effects on the business owners. A tax attorney will also help devise tax-smart strategies for, selling, buying, or expanding your business.

At the Law Office of Andre Clark, our attorneys are experienced in representing clients that are facing an IRS or State of California tax return audit. We will also answer all your queries about taxation in general. Contact us today and book now to schedule a consultation.

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Many people think trusts are for the rich, but a revocable trust is about more than just your estate's size. A revocable trust can help you in different ways, and it is an effective tool for preserving wealth, reducing lifetime expenses, as well as protecting your assets and family.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy if you ask a lawyer to help you draft a revocable trust.

Benefits of a Revocable Trust

In simple terms, revocable living trusts, or revocable trusts, are written documents that dictate how one's assets will be handled after one dies. The assets can include valuable possessions, investments, bank accounts, as well as real estate. What sets this trust apart from other trusts is that you can cancel or change its provisions at any time.

Here are some of its benefits:

1. They are Flexible and Changeable

You can amend a revocable trust at your discretion. This flexibility can also help you if your circumstances change or you aren't sure who to name as beneficiaries. It also makes this trust popular among trustors that start their estate planning while young.

2. They Cover Your Assets Before You Die

The revocable trust names your trustee. This individual can take control and manage your assets if you are incapacitated. It can also manage guardianship. You can outline living situations as well as spending patterns for minors in the trust's terms.

3. They Avoid Probate

A will can subject your loved ones to lengthy court proceedings (probate) where a court divides your estate and assets per your stipulations. A revocable trust eliminates this process, saving time as well as resources for your beneficiaries.

4. They Offer Privacy

After you die, wills and their required transactions become public records. The public can see your will's stipulations, its beneficiaries, as well as their inheritance. Estates in a revocable trust are divided privately. This process also protects the privacy of your beneficiaries and assets.

5. Assets Under a Revocable Trust Get FDIC Protection

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) offers insurance of up to $250,000 for each beneficiary and the owner of a revocable trust account. The maximum insurable amount is $1,250,000, equal to $250,000 for the owner and four beneficiaries.

If you need help drafting or changing your revocable living trust, The Law Office of Andre Clark can help you. We are an affordable as well as a reliable law firm with years of experience handling revocable trusts. Contact us today to get our professional services.

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